Both providers offer their services without any setup or application fees and there are no contracts or termination fees to worry about with either choice. Opayo, formerly known as Sage Pay, is one of the UK’s most trusted and widely used payment service providers. The company was acquired in 2020 by Elavon, a payment processor and subsidiary of U.S. White-label software white label payment gateway providers compete to offer comprehensive solutions that cover compliance, payment processing, electronic document signing, identity verification and more. Salamantex needed seamless integration of their software with WooCommerce based web shops , which provide updates to both customers and shop owners during the entire payment processing procedure on Salamantex’s side.

However, entrepreneurs also get no transaction fees with Shopify Payments, which costs £10 less per month. We’d only recommend Opayo if you’re already hosting your website with a different provider. If you do choose to move away from Shopify Payments by integrating a third-party payment gateway provider to your Shopify website, then you’ll pay significantly increased transaction fees, ranging from 0.5% – 2%. For obvious reasons, Shopify Payments is the best choice for Shopify users.

Type of integration

You may also be interested in our list of the popular gateways and their fees. Some gateways are painfully slow to transfer funds so make sure you check how quickly you can expect to access your money once settled . Full breakdown of Adyen’s fees hereand a summary in the table below. Uploading a card statement is optional at this stage but it will be enable us to get you accurate quotes much quicker.

white label payment gateway software

The way that API keys are stored is insecure, so you will need the ability to create a server script that your app can call to create a secure payment. They offer technically advanced features that are best suited to large businesses. The most common complaints with Stripe are withheld funds and unresponsive customer service when it matters most.

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As a result, there is less scope for identifying bugs and errors and modifying your app code. Because White mark applications are designed by reusing existing application code, there is less risk of bugs and mistakes in the code. Furthermore, the code has already been tried and tested in the application business, indicating that the application development code is long-lasting. Let’s compare White Label App Development to Custom App Development. Several factors distinguish between a custom app and a white-label mobile app platform.

While you want to find a payment gateway service that can scale as your business grows, avoid platforms with complicated functionality that will take time and resources to work with. It is the UK’s biggest payment service provider and it offers everything you need to accept payments online, in-store and over the phone. They offer one of most robust payment gateways in the industry but the default design is dated.

Better User Experience

If you think PayPal alone is limited, we suggest considering using our service, which integrates multiple payment gateways into a dynamic, feature-rich ticketing system. EVO Payments is a leading payment technology and services provider. EVO offers an array of innovative, reliable, and secure payment solutions to merchants ranging from small and mid-size enterprises to multinational companies and organizations across the globe. Without doubt, there are a wide range of benefits to the millions of businesses around the globe that use white label payment gateways. Not only do they help companies stand out from their competitors but they also bring simple payment products and methods to their customers.

Specify the application development interface rules and definitions for building and integrating your application software by the third parties. Simplify it and keep it short and sweet for your potential customers. Protecting your customers’ data requires taking measures in the early stages of your payment system MVP development. Data encryption functionality includes card data ciphering, cleaning, and removal.

Opayo vs. Rival Payment Gateways

You don’t need to spend any money to test this platform out, just give their two-week free trial a go to get access to tonnes of clever payment tools and features. The one area that Shopify, understandably, falls down is flexibility. You have to use Shopify to host your store if you want to use it as a payment gateway. Still, we like PayPal as a good option for domestic firms that need to accept instant payments. Our researchers found that PayPal does not refund the transaction fee when customers return their purchases.

white label payment gateway software

We built the basic and most crucial functionality first and then upgraded the system bringing it to a brand-new level at the second stage. If you try to improve your reputation and increase the number of customers, you can arrange a regular third-party gateway. We have been developing White Label Payment Platform and maintenance services for Payment Service Providers and Acquiring banks for more than 16 years. Sorry we can’t give a definitive answer but it really depends on your company and level of card turnover.

What is White Label Payment Gateway

But because we wanted to help our clients start off faster, and, for it, they need plenty of connectors, we gave them a head start by implementing these connectors in advance. Our third priority was the optimization of the data management engine. We implemented simplified data usage for our users by allowing them to export transaction data into a single file. The Admin Panel includes a set of all features for managing the basic entities, analyzing the transaction data passing through the system, and building detailed reports for data-driven business decision-making. The next step is building a high-level data model design based on the basic entities we described above and interconnections . Along with that, you have to start building and designing databases for your payment system.

  • White-label software providers compete to offer comprehensive solutions that cover compliance, payment processing, electronic document signing, identity verification and more.
  • A white-label payment gateway is a payment gateway solution that allows companies across business sectors and niche areas to offer payment processing under their official name while using third-party services.
  • Custom Payment Gateway Software is one of the biggest opportunities to control your business operations without relying on third-party apps.
  • This puts the team in the advantageous position of being proactive in obtaining outstanding customer documentation that often proves to be so difficult.
  • While you want to find a payment gateway service that can scale as your business grows, avoid platforms with complicated functionality that will take time and resources to work with.
  • Quickly handle large inward and outward bulk payments and transactions.

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